Bordem strikes


Please comment below and give me a few ideas on what to do now





I have got 6 honour awards

Honour awards are certificates to certify that you have an excellence in a subject. There also badges you stick on your jumper

I have got 5 english honours and 1 science honour

#feeling proud/feeling geeky



OMG everybody thinks i am a brainiac because in my social studies class we are studying refugees and since we learnt heaps last year im apparently really smart. hahahha lol


Tbh i miss the whole of room 21……. mostly my besty.. and have not been on this for ages[literally]

I mostly miss the privledges and just freedom.

 also missing all the awesome teachers.

I hope that all yu guys will have an great year.xoxo

And also enjoy camp


Mash-up- Cinderella and the sun=-]>


 Once upon a time in a twisted world there lived a poor girl named Cinderella and her five sisters, Carmine,Carly,Candy,Capri and the youngest Carolyn. They were all beautiful and fair but the one most exquisite daughter was Cinderella. She had long blond hair like rapunzel, her eyes were as blue as the opaic water in the tropical islands and her heart was as generous as billions of charities. Sadly a few years after Cinderella was born her mother died, which left her father no choice but to marry again. The six young girls were torchered and abused by their wicked step mother.

Their step mother was evil ,she commanded the sun to stay long so she can force the six young girls to work harder everyday,But Cinderella had had enough.She decided she needed a plan to capture the sun and force him to give back their normal time. When Cinderella explained her plan  to her sisters they all refused to help her because they thought about what there revolting step mother would do to them if they did not succeed in Cinderella crazy plan. So she had no choice but to do it on her own,she decided to set out at midnight. Cinderella did not know that when she explained her plan their step mother was listening. At midnight she told her parents she was going to a ball so she dreesed up in the most gorgeous ball gown and had the most magnifecent glass slipper. As Cinderella just set of her evil step mother quietly followed her tracks until Cinderella realised she was being followed by some one so she ran then slipped on a twig and one of her glass slippers fell  off. As Cinderella had just reached the suns layer  she snipped of her long hair and used it as a rope . She was also good at gymnastics , then she tossed the rope over the sun many times so that she could not feel the uns radiation.She exclaimed to the sun that if he does not bring back the normal time back he will never leave his layer to go to the beautiful bright blue sky. He gave up and promised that he would bring back the normal time. The evil step mother grabbed Cinderellas shoe and was flying towards her head until Cinderella ducked and released  the rope from the sun and she flew into the sun and she burned in pain. Now Cinderellat never was torchered againg